JUMPING My Lamborghini Urus OVER My Lamborghini Aventador!!! *MISTAKES WERE MADE*

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  • I want to give a HUGE thank you to my amazing girlfriend and love of my life @Gina.Colada for making this video possible! She's the best so make sure y'all go let her know!

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    • Hi

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    • @Street Speed 717 common sense says she’s walking you like a dog 🤣 type of dude to buy his gf a car in full and then ask her if he can drive it lmao. Does she set your bed time as well?? 😂

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    • People in croatia no eat no drinking you are idiot

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    • That’s a massive risk right

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    • @Street Speed 717 DAMN 😂😂😂

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  • awkward

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  • You should be advertising and making commercials for some of these vehicles! You need a offer ASAP!

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  • Why in the fuck did you delete a video on your private property, that’s pathetic shit

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  • "Dont do this at home" I wish i have that much money

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  • No crashed Lambo - unlike

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  • 9:15 perfect timing

  • Holy moly!

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  • Love the sound coming from the pipes when the bull lands on its rears

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  • Pavement Princess is listen he took his Lamborghini Aventador off the fucking pavement fucking legend

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  • Respect

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  • Thumbnail at 10.25

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  • Now... Lets jump over the Urus with the Aventador 👀

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  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Do not try this at home: Sure I am putting my urus and avetandor back in the closet

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  • Салам алейкум, дай очки померить

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    • не дам

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  • Just Epic👌🏻

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  • You could at least wear a healmet

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  • 👍🏻👍🏻

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  • We've seen Lambo over a Lambo, now let's see Vette over a Vette! Time to get that split window airborne!

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  • Mannn this dude is fuckin crazy😂😂 Great Video Broooo🔥🔥

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  • YOUR INSANE!!!!! LMFAO!!!!

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  • 7️⃣1️⃣7️⃣

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  • Aventador over Urus next! Same jump!

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  • Skwoqks

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  • I have to get my hair done tomorrow morning to pick up the car I need to go pick you up at the airport tomorrow morning and I have to pick up the car tomorrow at the car I will be there at the end of the week I will be back

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  • Square,XML is a big deal within the city of you in your car to the house in a few hours and I can pick up your kids and take your time to get your stuff back on your house and you can do that and you can pick up your kids from your house tomorrow night or tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night or tomorrow afternoon or afternoon to meet with you or you could meet you in there for a couple hours and I come see the house tomorrow. I can pick you guys at the house and I will be there tomorrow night or tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night and I can pick you guys at

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  • They risked nothing. First you just build the the jump without the middle part taken away. Then you can slwoly increase the speed and see where you go. If you can then take away the middle part and place a car there. One step a time ;)

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  • What would’ve looked dope is if you drove the aventador through and jumped at the same time

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  • Bakwas

  • High respect to u bro It was the big risk

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  • Congratulations 👏

  • Omg that was awesome.

  • Lmao

  • Rally lambo

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  • Missing മല്ലൂസ് ✌️..

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  • You got my subscription after watching this video

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  • did 15x entries just end and go down to 10? I was just about to buy one of the stick shift shirts and Shane's website changed from 15x to 10x entries for every $5.

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  • I Love Off-Road ❤️

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  • ONLY 780K viewsss... WHY PEOPLE?? this needs 10x more.... some shit video have more views, youtube disrespect

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  • 8:40 This is what you came here for.

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  • I am here after Google 😂

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  • All for a few thousand likes

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  • Gonna get Lambo sponsorship....

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  • This guy gets a new car every week and gives it to us

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  • lambo tooth pull

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  • i am so scared for this car

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  • wtf

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  • “Do not try this at home” how wants to jump over a 150 thousand dollars car ??! 😅

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    • 150? Try $500k buddy

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  • random-radness-9

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  • Don't try this home 🤣🤣🤣 I don't even have lambo 😕😭😭😭😭😭🥺 I can just jump my Mums Camry over my old skate board. I don't think she'll be too impressed aye 🤣🤣

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  • Skip to 8:55 you’re welcome 😀

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  • Very phichopathit crazy thig me

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  • Try the jump in reverse 😩😂

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  • Rav4 over the jump in reverse!!!

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  • And run it threw the creeks and streams and just tear it up

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  • Buy and older truck and totally trash it like older style blow some black smoke and more

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  • Now do it backwards

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  • 11:20 11:10

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  • 11:30

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  • From India 🇮🇳♥

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  • Hey man!thats a lambo!i can't even saw a real one on my entire life and you just jumping on it!your insane man!!!😂😂

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  • So how long before Lamborghini wants to use your video and then give you a car

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  • We won’t do this at home cuz most ppl domt have 2 fkn lqmbos

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  • he got more balls

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  • Subscribed.

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  • Ramadan kareem worldwide Cheer's

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  • This cara coming from sponsors....the same car have youtuber BAKA PRASE ....

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  • Off road hellcat

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  • Better to ask for forgiveness than permission"

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  • 10:57

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  • Not even the president who gives out money will wake up and say let’s jump a aventador with a urus

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  • Build a old style orange full size toy car track and do a loop in your vet..

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  • Now switch cars and jump over the truck, lol..

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  • It was air bound even before it got to the top of the lip.

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  • I’d like to see him just drive over it with the lambo truck..

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  • So now he is trying to push us towards his girlfriends channel, th8nking not..just say her name, it’s more real and meaningful...

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  • Ok I’m back to your channel, it man you need larger shirts for us big guys,plus I’m a crippled DVET ,and like large shirt so sell some 4x-5x pls

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  • Oh now he is putting up warning signs, didn’t know he knew math

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  • You should do a tug of war lambo vs HellCat !!!!!!

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  • I'd love to take my dirt track car out there! I'd love to see you try and control that thing ;D

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  • I cringed at 16:24 😬😂 the jump was cool thoe

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  • OMG you actually did it!!! You crazy soon of a gun 👍

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  • 8:55 you are welcome

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  • Ramanj1253k

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  • @Lamborghini Give him a trophy.

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  • Som tu jacyś Polacy

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  • Vin Diesel wants to know your location..... Amazing stuff!!

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  • Now you have to jump the aventador over the urus

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  • Despite whay you may think, there are laws in Italy, too.

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  • 14:18. Серьёзно?? Ламборджини на веслах? Пффффффф, меня сейчас стошнит

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  • Sportlich, sportlich …

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  • Why dont u try jumping the aventador over the urus 😂😂 Now you are left with no cars 😂😂

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  • Love the vids

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  • "MEH".....The TRX did a REAL jump.

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  • Hahaha streetspeed717 back at it again with another amazing jump 🦘 you should take the Corvette for a jump 😂

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